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Hello there! I am Swapnil Khandode. The owner & founder of IT SYSTEMS. Not far back in 2009, when an unique idea flashed in my mind, I decided to execute it. Being an engineer in IT, I had the necessary tools to materialise my dream. The idea didn't succeed as per my expectations but that let to the begenning of my career as an entrepreneur. Immediately after completing my MBA, I registered the company IT SYSTEMS and the journey began.

I have always believed that differentiating yourself from the clutter is the best and the most efficient way to succeed in a swift way. I always said to my self that the products & services that I will build will radically change the way we think and act thereby making us much more efficient and productive & ending the unnecessary struggle. My two products eAttendance & eResult perfectly reflect the above thought.

As far as business is concerned, I believe in a very simple philosophy, "Give the customer what he wants & he will give you what you want." read more...

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